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3 ORM Strategies that Keep the Business a Step Ahead

3 ORM Strategies that Keep the Business a Step Ahead
By Team TIS

Negative feedback or review can cost a business. No matter whether the remark is real or cooked up, the results will definitely affect the branding, reputation, and upcoming ventures.

Today, the world is completely dependent on the internet. The content available online in the form of articles, blogs, and news is equipped with several reviews and surveys related to the products and services. Every buyer likes to explore such content before making a purchase. Emails, social networking sites, and forums are efficient mediums through which the users share information or data instantly across the regions. It hardly takes a few minutes to spread any good or bad remark online as all such mediums are accessible to the users.

Thus, a doctored criticism can tarnish the company’s image overnight. Furthermore, it is just not always the fear of negative threats, but also the companies have to keep encouraging the products and services with the help of branding to stay a step ahead in the business. Positive marketing is one of the solutions that not only keep the brands ahead among the competitors but also discourages any negative remarks.

The leading brands have always listened to and understood the need, demands, and unsolved queries of the customers. They have also analyzed the effect of criticism on the customers, which affected the sale of a particular product or service provided by the companies. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is an effective marketing strategy that treats the company’s blurred image and discards negative reviews provided for the products and services.

Internet marketing needs no introduction. Internet marketing operates on pull and pushes marketing techniques, where the marketing content is webcasted and shared across various mediums to reach potential customers and markets. Proper distribution or channelizing with a strategic approach can help in spreading positive feedback and can discourage negative threats.

Here are the three latest strategies used in ORM:

1. Recommendations

According to the survey held by one of the marketing groups, 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations. This means the first strategy must brush off all the cynical published content that is given online. Replace the cynical content with original, positive, and user-based content. Mention users’ needs, demands, and spoken words in the content. Social media, forums, and emails are efficient mediums to know the customers’ views individually. Buyers always obtain information through the ‘web’ content, forums, and social networking sites. The firms providing ORM opt for positive marketing across the web and its mediums.

2. Quick but Polite Response

‘Pulling someone back might possibly gain you a step ahead. In the arena of cutthroat competition, such logic is often practiced to pull the toppers down. Your business may be the victim of negative publishing. React immediately, but be very polite, and diplomatic in answering or handling the complaints. Talk to customers or engage them in the conference over the phone or web chatting, and try to understand what has gone wrong from your end. Search for illegal and cooked-up criticism and bring them in front of the consumers. Hire a reputation management company that can monitor, control and manage your company’s image online.

3. Identify the Influencers

There are ‘influencers’, who divert the traffic towards or away from the business. They publish a high quantity of cynical content such as blogs, articles, and reviews, and are also active on forums. In such cases, search for negative influencers, and circulate the positive press releases along with other online content. Furthermore, start pushing down the negative keywords and links on the search engines. Consult with the best reputation management professional teams that will help monitor and handle the negative remarks and feedback, spread over the search engines and social media sites.


Online Reputation Management (ORM) involves various SEO and SMO methods to promote positive branding to push down the negative publicity on the search engines. Before any negativity marks your business down, the ORM firms keep publishing authentic, informative, and user-oriented content related to your company, products, and services on a daily, weekly and fortnightly basis.

In digital marketing, it is very essential to build your brand’s credibility. If you spend enough time to understand and train yourself and your team on these strategies, you will have better knowledge on how to protect as well as build and reach new heights when your company’s reputation is concerned. 

 You can connect with various companies which are leading ORM service providers if you need to build a positive online presence for your company and generate more positive comments on the internet. These companies will help and protect you from negative publicity as they are especially skilled and possess the right and required capabilities to do so. So, for any such issues, connect with an expert today!

By Team TIS
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