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The Art of Conversion Optimization: 8 Awesome Ways to Convert Your Prospects to Buyers

The Art of Conversion Optimization: 8 Awesome Ways to Convert Your Prospects to Buyers
By Team TIS

You have a gripping website design, swift navigation, eye-catchy imagery, and just perfect content!!! Still, you are not able to convert your customers as per the expectations. Why?

It is not always about the website. But, there are cases when your visitors are not ready to convert. Maybe they have not planned to buy as of now or are busy. Holding on to the interest of the buyers until they make their purchase is extremely essential.

As the competition in the online selling market is pretty high, it is important that you make the right impact and for the right period of time on the prospective buyers more than your peers. There has to be some specialty on your website that will portray your quality of products and the goodwill of your company at once to the customers so that they choose you over your counterparts.

Making an impactful website for your company and reaching out to your buyers appropriately is an art as well as a skill. Today, let’s focus on 8 great ways to convert your prospects to buyers. Check out.

1. Proper use of exit-intent tools

Exit intent tools come in very handy when it comes to enhancing conversions. They provide you with the last opportunity to convert your buyers and make them give a final thought to buying your products from the website.

These tools are merely like last-minute messages whenever a user hits the back button or close button. So, a user landed on your website, browsed through a few pages, and then decided to give it up. He pressed the back button, and that’s it – here comes a pop-up asking the user if he really wants to exit.

Since these messages are your final call to attract customers, they need to be really impactful and catchy and should be able to draw the attention of the buyers yet again so that they think once again before leaving your website without making a purchase.

These exit-intent tools could be like simple messages to ask why they were leaving or maybe even providing easy and quick sign-up instructions for alerts and so on.

Make sure that the message is put forth directly in an interesting way without beating around the bush. Keep it short and simple without consuming much time of your users.

2. Make their emotions your weapon

If you are creative enough, you can easily play around with the emotions of your prospective buyers and make them stay on your website even longer. To be able to revitalize their interests while they are still on your website, just serve them what they want.

For example, if they are on your eCommerce website, providing suggestions about skirts in contrasting colors while they are busy buying tops is a sure way to engage them further. Being able to read their minds and be able to play with their emotions by telling them what they want to hear is a good way to impress them.

3. It is not a complete loss when you can go for Post-exit follow-ups

There is absolutely no reason for you to worry if a buyer had visited your website on a particular occasion and they lost interest due to some reason and didn’t return. The post-exit follow-ups will be helpful in letting him stick around for a little longer. Post-exit follow-ups are nothing but a way of remarketing/retargeting.

Have you not faced instances when a product keeps on following you after you abandoned it in the shopping cart? This is nothing but a post-exit follow-up! And this is just not the only way where you can take a follow-up from your potential customers. But a simple mail like, ‘your shopping cart is waiting for you!’ can make your customer think of making the purchase!

4. Scroll-triggered lightboxes

Let’s understand this by a simple example. You have an engaged reader on your blog. Now, you want to enhance his/her experience further, and so, as soon he/she scrolled down, you thought of presenting before them a pop-up that offers them an opportunity of downloading a related ebook for free.

This is how the scroll-triggered lightboxes work. Their main aim is to engage the customers further while they are on your website and are activated when a user scrolls the page down.

If someone is intently visiting your page and taking their time to read what you have to say, you can further engage them with a scroll-triggered lightbox. These are a perfect tool to ask your readers for subscribing to your blog or might be for purchasing an ebook and so on.

Beware; the purpose of these lightboxes is to further help your reader spend some more time on your website rather than distracting and diverting him.

5. Keep it short and sweet

Always remember that no one has so much time to read huge pages of written material. Thus you need to be able to portray your information in the most interesting way in a short format.

This is important to kindle the interest of the prospective buyers in a very short time. You need to be creative in working up a method to be able to tell them that you have a lot to offer them that they might be interested in. So, keeping it brief is the key.

6. Choose the right colors

Making the right choices for the colors and making the combination of colors in the perfect way is a very useful tactic for holding on to the interest of the buyers and making them fall for what you have to offer. Highlighting the areas necessary to promote their importance is also essential.

Too dull colors might be boring for the readers if they have to read a whole long page. Whereas on the other hand, too bright colors like bright yellow or something on the same lines might be hurting the eyes of the readers. Thus stick to soft and soothing colors as per your niche, that are readable and prominent on the page.

7. Value is added

Ensure that you have some added information to provide. Do not mention something to the reader that they already know. This might be boring and monotonous for the readers and they might not find it interesting enough.

Care should be taken that you are not just serving them the obvious info, or something which is easily deducible. Even well-designed websites with flawless content fail to convert people because what they’re serving is too old school.

Keep your visitors serving something new and exciting, and they shall remain loyal to you year after year, thus taking care of your conversions time and again.

8. Mention the importance and urgency

Let the readers know how important and urgent your services and the information are. Make sure they feel that they are on the same page as you. Mentioning the urgency will ensure that they fall for your offers and make purchases from your website immediately.

In this case, as well it is important that you are not too blunt in portraying your interests. Instead, be tactful and engaging by making use of a format that perfectly indicates the urgency to make a purchase.

Catch their attention emotionally by showing them a sign of urgency. A simple ‘sign up now before it’s too late can hit the chord right! Make use of appropriate colors and animation to further grip them.


All these things said and done, if you put in a little extra effort and execute the right strategy by making use of the points mentioned above, stay assured, that you’ll be surely able to boost your conversion rate. Just play around.

Try exit intent tools if you are facing high bounce rates or make use of scroll-triggered lightboxes to further engage your customers. Don’t forget to take post-exit follow-ups and see what works for you and frame your marketing strategy revolving around it.

Showcase your success stories, testimonials and customer reviews on your website to establish the use of your products and services by your customers. You  can also make your salespeople call up a few customers every now and then and give them more details regarding your brand and its products. 

These basic ideas will surely help you to achieve your goals and convert more and more prospects into customers and thus boost your sales.

However, if nothing seems to go as expected, it is probably because you’re not putting in efforts in the right direction. Hiring a professional digital marketer can help you win half of the battle in optimizing the conversion rate by planning an appropriate approach.

By Team TIS
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