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7 Must Have Web Development Tools You Possibly Aren’t Using

7 Must Have Web Development Tools You Possibly Aren’t Using
By Team TIS

Being a creative web developer is an art especially when it comes to developing websites with impressive graphics and enhanced performance. As a web developer, it is common to come across issues ad bugs in the coding and development techniques, but for mirroring clients’ business into this digital world, it is necessary to develop sites that are user-friendly and best performing for the visitors. But, if you don’t have some handy and useful web development tools, your work might suffer from productivity and time lapses.

You might be using great web browsers like Google Chrome or you might be using the latest web development platforms for creating websites, but all your efforts will go in vain if you are not using useful web development tools. To make your development process easier, I have researched and collected some interesting web development tools that could help you a lot in creating websites with boosted performance.

1. Adobe Edge Inspect- An alternative to Flash

A new platform from Adobe, the Adobe Edge Inspect allows web developers to create highly interactive websites in the era ahead of Flash. As an alternative to the creative Flash platform, this new tool lets you develop responsive apps and websites using HTML and CSS that are compatible with the latest PC and mobile browsers.

Features of Adobe Edge Inspect are listed as follows:

  • Coordinated refreshing and browsing
  • Show/Hide Edge Inspect UI on varied devices
  • Support for HTTP Authentication
  • HTTPS Support
  • Support for Local Host
  • Screenshots
  • Cache Management
  • Remote Inspection
  • Support for Amazon Kindle Fire

2. HTML Entity Character Lookup Tool

This tool helps the developers to ensure that all the characters that appear on their web pages are validated. But for searching for the right entity, this code needs scanning across the 250 rows of characters.

This lookup also permits you to search the entity base based on its looks and for doing so, it searches the complete list of HTML entities for matches with the most searched character. For example, the letter c will match with ¢ and ©.

Features of the HTML Entity Character Lookup tool are:

  • It can be used for switching between the customary and compressed views.
  • It is easily available as a Firefox plugin
  • The settings for using this tool are automatically saved in a browser cookie
  • Developers can copy the HTML entity to the clipboard with this tool

3. –prefix-free

As a web developer, if you want t use unprefixed CSS properties, then –the prefix-free tool is an ideal choice for you. While this amazing tool works behind the scenes, you can use this tool for adding the prefix of the current browser to any CSS code only when it is required.

For using it, you only have to use the prefixfree.js on your web page anywhere and it can be included right after the style sheet for lessening FOUC.

Features of the prefix-free tool are:

  • It processes all the style sheets in <link> or <style> elements and it also integrates the vendor prefix when it is needed.
  • It can add vendor prefixes as well as it can process the elements with the style attributes.
  • It take care of latest <link> or <style> elements, CSSOM changes and style attribute changes
  • It helps in setting unprefixed properties

4. Foundation – The Modern Responsive Front End Framework

As a prototyping tool, it makes it easier and faster to code for responsive web designs or you can say that this tool act as the blueprint for creating unique responsive designs for websites. In its newest version, you will find an easy grid structure for making the styling more flexible and convenient. This tool can work with both CSS and SASS.

Features of the Foundation tool are:

  • It makes website development faster for the developers by allowing them to create smoother transitions and animations with enhanced hardware acceleration.
  • It is faster to code with this tool as it comes integrated with a new command line tool for spinning up the projects.
  • It comes with detailed code examples for helping the developers to learn faster about this tool and its uses.

5. Cloud9 IDE

This tool helps the developers to easily collaborate with other developers on large-scale projects to do the coding and changes simultaneously. It allows the developers to code and chat at the same time and it comes with smart drag and FTP integration, code completion, and drop document trees features to make the coding in real time much easier and flexible for the developers.

Features of Cloud9 IDE are:

  • Developers can conveniently create, run or develop development stacks within seconds.
  • Workspaces are powered if you install Docker Ubuntu containers that provide you freedom over your environment.
  • You can easily compile SASS, check the server output, and run apps with its built-in Runners and Terminal.

6. Fontello- An Icon Generator App

One of its own kinds, Fontello is a great app that provides a simple way of spawning icons in the web font form. With this app, the developers can pick up the icons of their choice to compile into customized web fonts. Besides, you can also customize and change the symbol names and codes.

Features of Fontello are:

  • It helps in generating icons in web font form.
  • It helps in editing and customizing codes and symbol names.

7. Basecamp- A Project Management Tool for Web Designers

Basecamp is a popular project management tool that allows web designers to collaborate and manage project management with convenience. This tool works operate in the cloud and it is widely accepted in the web design industry since its launch.

Features of the Basecamp tool are:

  • It runs on the cloud on secured servers. Hence, there is no need for any concern IT department for carrying out technical operations.
  • It integrates efficiently with the mail.


Although, you will find several other web development tools for carrying out website development tasks smoothly and quickly, however, the 7 tools that I have discussed above are proven to be quite effective in saving your time and increasing your productivity as a website developer. If you choose to use these tools while doing your web development projects, you will definitely be able to complete your projects on time with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Also, if you have no programming experience, it can be a little intimidating for you at any given point because the idea of coding in the web designing process is very important. You must understand the importance of being able to edit a code directly as at times it is required when you want to customize your existing code in order to add more features to your website. 

So, in case you are looking for any professional help to make your website more up-to date with the latest trends and features, TIS India can surely help you to make this process less complex and more fun.

By Team TIS
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