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Top 15 WordPress Plugins to Improve Social Media Presence of Your Blog Post

Top 15 WordPress Plugins to Improve Social Media Presence of Your Blog Post
By Team TIS

Attracting more people on social media depends firstly on how you create and deliver the content and secondly on what you create. The social media audience tends to read attractive and captivating content more than less appealing content, which is why the use of other types of media including short videos, infographics, and photos has increased in recent years.

If you are a WordPress blogger and want to attract more people to your website, then search engine optimization solely is not enough. Try the given 15 essential social media WordPress plugins to make your content more attractive on the largest communication platforms in the world.

1. Smash Balloon

In terms of social media plugins for WordPress, Smash Balloon is unbeatable. The plugin combines several insanely powerful plugins that let you add each social media platform to your WordPress website.

It Includes:

  • Social Wall – Display your social feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube on one powerful wall.
  • Instagram Feed – Integrate photos and stories from your Instagram right into your WordPress site and let people shop directly from it.
  • Custom Twitter Feed – Display Twitter cards, display tweets that mention you (perfect for testimonials), and
  • Custom Facebook Feed – Post Facebook updates, photos, videos, and live videos from your WordPress site.
  • Feeds for YouTube – Display thumbnails of videos from your favorites list, create custom layouts, and more.
  • Unlimited feeds – Customize as many social feeds as you wish.
  • Mobile-responsive – Easily accessed from any mobile device.
  • Customize designs – You can customize how the feeds appear.

2. Social Warfare

The Social Warfare plugin for WordPress is a fully responsive social sharing plugin. This plugin offers your site visually appealing and highly customizable social sharing buttons. Users can easily share their custom messages with this plugin, which helps you create tweetable quotes within your posts.

Along with offering images and descriptions specific to Pinterest, it can help drive traffic to any blog from the popular image-sharing platform. Based on the social shares on your site, it comes with a widget that shows you the most popular content.

As with the social data analysis, this plugin adds UTM tracking to every shared link, which allows you to see how your social shares are doing.

We guarantee that Social Warfare won’t slow down your site.

It has a basic free version that’s available at But the premium version adds a lot of deep functionality to the website.

With this plugin, you can control what people share on social media (and how they share it).

3. AddToAny Social Buttons

Share Buttons is another interesting free WordPress plugin for social integration. With this plugin, you can share your site with over 100 social networks and bookmarking websites, which will generate tons of traffic for your site.

This plugin allows you to add unique and customizable share buttons in different orientations, including vertical and horizontal.

Among the social share button plugins available at, AddToAny is the most popular. With over 893 reviews and an overall rating of 4.7 stars, it is active on over 500,000 websites.

The massive library of social networks available is one of its most distinguishing features. It is also completely free.

Besides supporting over 100 social networks, AddToAny offers a helpful universal AddToAny button to let users pick a network so you can display dedicated buttons for Twitter, Facebook etc. And a universal button to let users choose other networks.

4. Easy Social Share Buttons

The Easy Social Share Buttons plugin integrates social media with your WordPress site.

You can play around with the plugin’s options and features and customize your social sharing buttons.

You can, for example, customize where and how you want social sharing buttons to appear, the icons displayed, whether or not social counters appear, etc.

You can display your profiles and the number of fans following them with the widget Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress.

Also, in addition to creating follow icons, automatic triggers, displaying share counts, sharing custom content, A/B testing, and initiating actions after sharing, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is capable of many other features.

Including all the major social networks you would expect, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress support 50+ social networks.

5. Sassy Social Share

Among the lightest WordPress plugins for social media, Sassy Social Share is only 1 megabyte (MB) in size. Yet, the plugin’s lightweight does not reduce its functionality – rather, it enhances it.

Its lightweight nature makes it not a burden on servers and allows your website to load quickly.

Furthermore, SaaSy Social Share allows you to give your readers the option of sharing your content with over 100 social sharing or bookmarking sites.

Embedding social sharing buttons to your site can also be customized in many ways. For example, you can change the share icon’s size, logo, shape, and background.

Sassy Social Share allows users to share the content on your website to their social media platforms easily.

6. Social Icon Widget and Block

WPZoom provides one of WordPress’s most effective social media plugins, Social Icons Widget. With it, you can quickly add social media icons to the sidebar of your website. Then, you can link them directly to your social media profiles in your sidebar.

Social Icons Widget doesn’t help you display share buttons. Instead, its sole purpose is to help you add follow icons to your social media profiles to drive traffic to them.

It is straightforward to use – everything is done via the Social Icons widget. In other words, if you’re only interested in adding social follow buttons, then this is a suitable option.

Over 400 custom icons are included in the Social Icons Widget. Each icon contains a direct URL to your profile. You can also change the color scheme.

One of the significant advantages of this one is that it’s super easy to use. Due to its simplicity, there aren’t many features. However, you can do a few things with it like add no follow tags, choose icon style, size and padding, and more.

7. Shared Counts

WordPress social media plugin Shared Counts allows fast and easy integration with social media networks. With this tool, you can access the most popular social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Yummly, and LinkedIn. It is a lightweight social media plugin that shows how many shares you have received on different social media platforms.

Several button styles are available, and you can choose where to show the button (before or after the content). Custom post types are also supported.

Each network’s social share count is retrieved by the plugin. In addition, you can choose to show only the total number of shares across all networks.

8. Monster Insights

With over 3 million websites using Monster Insights, it’s the best WordPress analytics plugin. Using this plugin, you can easily configure Google Analytics and view the stats that matter in your WordPress dashboard.

It is impossible to improve something you cannot measure. However, when you know how people access and use your website, you can double your traffic and sales.

You can use Monster Insights to identify which social media networks and campaigns are working the best, allowing you to focus on what’s working and eliminate the unnecessary ones.

You can use it to improve conversions and grow your revenue.

What’s great about it is that it’s user-friendly, so you don’t have to be a data-nerd to understand how well your social media efforts are doing.

Also included in the software are powerful tools like the Headline Analyzer, which helps you craft captivating headlines to boost your social media traffic. You can also feature popular posts on your WordPress homepage, sidebar, and other areas with the popular posts addon.

9. Novashare

Novashare is one of the most popular social sharing plugins for WordPress that is built for performance. Social sharing buttons can be added to your site without affecting performance and user experience.

Integrating this plugin with all the top social networks allows you to add share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Buffer, WhatsApp, SMS, Reddit, Telegram, Pinterest, and more.

Additionally, it has features like adding floating social bars to WordPress posts, showing total shares, embedding click-to-tweet blocks inside your post, adding Pinterest image hover pins, showing follow buttons in your sidebar or footer, and even enabling UTM tracking for social links. A big plus is that it is GDPR-compliant as well as highly responsive.

10. SeedProd

With over one million websites already using SeedProd, it is the leading WordPress page builder plugin. It has a drag & drops page builder that allows you to create your landing pages and customize your WordPress theme (no coding required).

You can create a link on your Instagram bio page by using the social media integration.

With SeedProd, you can build custom sales pages, webinar landing pages, and almost any other type of landing page you can imagine. In addition, there are over 150 pre-made page layouts available for use.

It is common for bloggers and website owners to create custom landing pages for their social media campaigns using SeedProd.

Other third-party platforms and email marketing services can also be integrated seamlessly.

11. Fat-Free WordPress Sharing Buttons and DiggDigg

There are different ways to add social media sharing plugins to your website. You may ask your web designer to attach attractive sharing buttons which may be heavier and reduce the loading speed of your website.

Fat-Free social media WordPress plugins allow you to not only make your website more alluring but also improve social media sharing with lightweight buttons.

The coding of popular social networks is automatically installed on the buttons on your website. DiggDigg is a plugin that speedily adds the social media sharing buttons to any desired position on your website. When setting up DiggDigg, make sure that you add your Twitter account and Twitter name.

12. Twitter Cards

For ideal search engine optimization on Twitter, there are two essential elements for every post shared on Twitter. Firstly, the name of the author should be included in the post, and secondly, a short link should redirect the users to your content directly. But both the necessary elements should not make your content unattractive or boring. When you share the content without using Twitter cards, it will appear like this.

But if you use the Twitter cards, your content will not only be optimized but it will also appear richer and more appealing. Here is how your tweets will be customized.

Given here are the most important WordPress plugins or Twitter cards. The plugins can either be integrated with the help of a WordPress developer or you can also read the CMS Integration Guide by Twitter to know the techniques of integrating these plugins.

JM Twitter Cards – It helps implement Twitter cards.

Jetpack – It is also used for other social networking sites. It helps improve search engine optimization.

WordPress SEO by Yoast – It is also an SEO-related plugin that can also be used for Facebook and other social networking platforms.

13. Customize Text with WordPress SEO by Yoast

If you want simpler and manual text customization other than Twitter Cards and Open Graph Protocol then you may also use WordPress SEO by Yoast.

After installing Yoast, go to the meta title and meta description sections and edit the information for every post. The edited information will be automatically used to share and promote content on social media.

Even if you are not using social media WordPress plugins, still it is important to edit the meta titles and meta descriptions for better presence and performance on the internet and social media.

14. WP Video Lightbox

Making video embedding easier and reducing the loading speed are the primary functions of WP Video Lightbox. It helps you to embed the video links without making them appear messy or tacky. WP Video Lightbox supports video sharing and embedding from all platforms including Youtube, Vimeo, Flash, and iFrame.

15. Monarch

Like Fat-Free, Monarch is also a social media sharing plugin that allows you to display the social media sharing buttons on your desired positions. It also allows you to edit the sharing toolbar, add effects to the hover or add more buttons or columns to the toolbar. You can also further customize the buttons for different posts and designate them to appear as fly-ins or pop-ups. Monarch simply allows you to customize the social media sharing toolbar completely according to your choice and without the help of a web engineer.

Summing it up

The use of social media is an integral part of running a website. With 15 WordPress plugin options now available for improving your social media, you have many more options to choose from.

However, it would be best if you made that choice wisely. Where some plugins might be free, it could also be a worthy investment for you to pay for a premium quality plugin, as you will get a quality design, features, and regular updates.

By Team TIS
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