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Top 21 SEO Trends to Dominate in 2022

Top 21 SEO Trends to Dominate in 2022
By Team TIS

In business, the only constant changes, and SEO trends are no exception. You can see here some additional reading about local SEO strategies to improve your online searchability, attract ideal customers with targeted content, and build local relevance in your area. With the grueling competition among enterprises to enable their websites to appear at the top rankings of search engine results, you need to keep yourself abreast of the latest trends so that your business will remain visible over the internet.

It is a fact that SEO isn’t going anywhere soon. Not only does it drive plenty of traffic to your website, but it can also help you gain brand recognition and an edge in the business market as well. With that said, how do you know which SEO trends will work best for your company in 2022? Why are they important, and how can you create your marketing strategy around them?

We’ll take you through the most important SEO trends we see dominating in 2022, starting now! This list is by no means exhaustive, but it covers some of the most pressing SEO needs that businesses will face over the next few years. Before we get started, however, let’s take a look at what everyone needs to know about SEO trends in general.

Why SEO Trends are important

Search engine optimization is continually changing. If you don’t keep up with them, it will be difficult for your website to appear in search results. SEO can also impact conversion rates and sales, so you need to know what changes are happening and why they matter if you want your site to rank highly and have a high-converting design. With their consistent evolution and change, SEO trends are always interesting as well as informative.

That’s why it’s so important to stay informed about SEO trends (and stay up-to-date with any new algorithm changes). By 2022, most experts predict that SEO will look very different than it does today. With new updates expected regularly over time, you can either adapt or miss out on some serious business opportunities. This guide will walk you through some of our most highly anticipated SEO trends for 2022 — as well as what we hope won’t stick around for much longer.

1. Technical SEO

In particular, technical SEO plays a critical role in ensuring that your site performs well. A slow website not only frustrates users but can also get you penalized by search engines like Google. In fact, Google specifically refers to page load time as a ranking factor for SEO. All things considered, there’s no question that technical SEO is one of the most important trends for online businesses going forward—and one you should pay close attention to if you want your site’s rankings to improve over time.

When it comes to technical SEO, there are different kinds of tools. The first is site assessment. This would cover things like crawling and indexing coverage, server response codes, and redirect chains. The second area that needs attention from a technical SEO point of view is security. Security issues can easily ruin a website’s reputation among both users and search engines.

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2. Focus on Mobile Websites

In 2016, Google began rolling out a mobile-friendly update. This update focused on how easy it was for users to navigate through websites from their smartphones. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it can hurt your search engine rankings and traffic as Google is constantly striving for its user experience to be seamless. Make sure that your website has a responsive design so that you stay ahead of SEO trends for 2022.

3. Quality Content Is Still King

Content marketing is still one of, if not THE most effective way to grow a brand and build authority. Using an extensive library of keyword research data and SEO tools, brands can create meaningful content that’s relevant and interesting for their audience.

The added benefit is that when visitors click on these types of links from Google, they’re usually converted into leads or customers at a much higher rate than normal text links. In terms of SEO trends for 2022, creating quality content will never go out of style!

4. Improved Page Speed

Faster loading pages result in increased visitor satisfaction, higher conversions, and even an improved position on search engine results pages (SERPs). The most widely used metric for judging page speed is known as page load time.

A good rule of thumb is that any page should take no longer than 3 seconds to load. Anything more than that is a total turn-off. If you have any questions about improving your site’s speed, contact our marketing team today!

5. Expanded User Experience

As consumers, we don’t care so much about search engines or SEO. We care about getting better results quickly and easily when we Google something or want to learn more about a product or service.

In other words, SEO is all about user experience. With UX on the rise and content marketing becoming even more crucial, it only makes sense that SEO trends would follow suit. The biggest change for SEO, however, will come with how machine learning has begun taking over a greater percentage of everyday tasks, such as search and advertising—and it’s only going to continue growing from here.

6. Better Focus on User Intent

As SEO evolves, our approach needs to evolve with it. Rather than optimizing for SEO, we need to optimize for user intent. We’re getting better at tracking what people are searching for and why they’re searching. Then, we can build our content based on that intent rather than what keywords we’ve optimized it for. But here’s a secret: The keyword is still king.

7. Refreshed Existing Content

Just as every day is a new opportunity for search engine optimization (SEO), it’s also a chance to polish existing content. Tweaking articles—or even entire websites—to keep content fresh and relevant is one of many SEO trends that can help your website rank higher and, therefore, make more money.

You can refresh articles by adding current facts or statistics, or you can reword paragraphs entirely. Either way, if you update your content regularly, people will continue to share it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter because they think it’s new! According to Outbrain, 86% of consumers prefer up-to-date information about products online.

8. Omni-channel Digital Campaigns

It’s crucial that you have a consistent, unified, digital campaign strategy. Building an omnichannel digital campaign allows you to cross-promote content across multiple devices and formats. These tactics are essential for staying relevant in SEO trends for 2022 because they will allow your customers a seamless experience between online and offline platforms.

Although Google recommends single-platform marketing, Omnichannel Digital Campaigns requires cross-platform marketing. Cross-platform marketing has proven successful time and time again by providing users with the opportunity to purchase products using multiple devices (i.e.: Mobile device or desktop).

Due to SEO trends for 2022, content marketing campaigns that include sharing on social media networks will be highly prioritized over content created specifically for one device alone.

9. Voice Search Optimization: Next Level SEO

When you look out for impactful SEO strategies, you should not miss out on voice search. The trend of people doing online searches with their voices has been growing steadily. And studies show that voice queries now account for almost half of online searches. As such, optimize your website for voice search to leverage the trend.

Today, users want quick and relevant answers, so they prefer speaking to the search engine rather than typing the query.

With voice search, you get the flexibility of doing an online search anywhere and anytime and getting the information you want. It does not matter whether you are on your way somewhere, in a position where you cannot type, or do not have much free time to type. Voice search has become a matter of convenience rather than a luxury.
So, when you optimize your website for voice search, it will help if you consider the most likely queries people do and the corresponding answers. You can begin some paragraphs of articles on your website, like ‘what,’ ‘when,’ or ‘how.

It will also help if you consider the niches where people are likely to do voice searches while composing the website content. For example, there is a strong likelihood of people using Google Assistant to purchase stuff like cinema tickets, schedules, and premieres.

Likewise, people are likely to do voice searches for seeking stuff, such as life hacks, cooking recipes, cooking video tutorials, how-to’s, etc. People also tend to use voice to search restaurants with their menus and their work hours, and so on.

There is also a bit of difference in how search engines process conversational queries and simple keyword searches. During processing conversational queries, search engines interpret what the user wants and then return the best matching results.

In the context of voice search, the Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology is helpful in enabling search engines to process search queries. NLP assists search engines by analyzing speech and interpreting user queries. And it works with unique patterns, accents, dialects, and other human speech characteristics.

Simultaneously, it would help if you did not fall behind in optimizing your website for mobiles as voice search as people predominantly do voice searches on mobile devices.

Speed is another critical factor for optimizing your website for voice search. You need to bear in mind that your website will not catch Google Assistant’s attention if you cannot provide fast results against search queries.

10. Prove Your Authority: E.A.T.


The Expertise, Authority, and Trust (E.A.T.) concept personifies itself as a webmaster (or a copywriter), mimicking a competent professional who produces quality content, free of negativity.

 # Why is E.A.T. Important?

The importance of E.A.T. arises from Google’s intent to receive relevant and proven information. If your website bears content that might hurt user sentiments, then Google’s algorithm will push your website to the deepest SERP layers so that it will perform very poorly in search engine results.

Therefore, you need to make sure you publish authentic and clean content. Incorrect data might be a disaster for your website rankings and are likely to attract bad reviews. If you do not take care to write clean content, users might eventually dump your website.

 # How to Work the Best With E.A.T.?

The best way to work with E.A.T. is to introduce yourself properly in your website’s About Us section. In that section, you can describe who you are, your achievements, and the reasons why people should use your business offerings.

You should add backlinks to and from trustworthy sources as nowadays people do not trust unknown or suspicious sources. If they find your links suspicious, they will not trust you. Therefore, eliminate backlinks from extremely low authority or irrelevant domains, if you have any, using Google Disavow. It will also help if you avoid linking to suspicious domains.

It is not only your website from which people can learn about you and your offerings. There are other online sources too. Therefore, make efforts to gather positive reviews about your brand on other internet authentic review platforms.

11. JavaScript SEO

According to this SEO Company, you can expect the trend of using JavaScript on websites to grow in the future. With JavaScript, you can make your website content dynamic and interactive.

JavaScript SEO is a subset of the technical SEO that makes powerful JavaScript-powered websites, which are:

  • Easy for search engines to fully crawl, render, and index
  • Accessible to users with outdated browsers
  • Loads fast despite having to parse and execute JavaScript code

If Google cannot index any of your website content, it will severely impact the page rankings. It will help if you:

 # Check the Possibility of Rendering and Indexing JavaScript

To figure out how you can properly crawl and index JavaScript, you need to check out how Google renders the page. You can make a test using the Live Test URL tool within the Google search console or the Rich Results Tester that allows you to see generated page code for both Googlebot Smartphone and Desktop.

If you fail to see the rendered pages similar to your website’s live pages, you can conclude that JavaScript resources did not load properly.

 # Optimizing JavaScript Resources

If you find that there is no proper rendering and indexing of your JavaScript resources, you need to do things smartly.

One of the drawbacks of JavaScript is client-side rendering, but you can fix the problem by switching over to server-side rendering or dynamic rendering.

You should figure out the code that is causing the rendering issues by looking at your page sections that do not properly load. Then:

  • Avoid JavaScript errors, as that will disable JavaScript to load any content on your site for crawlers or users
  • Never block JavaScript within robots.txt as it should be accessible to search engine crawlers
  • Avoid using # in URLs as Google avoids #, and that could prevent Google from accessing the content
  • Make sure that hidden content can be accessible. If you use JavaScript for displaying hidden content, Google may not be able to crawl the content unless there is a specific URL

12. Influencers: Social Media Meets SEO

It will help if you leverage an influencer’s popularity, such as a well-known actor or singer, to build brand awareness and increase your reach to consumers.

When the concept of an influencer comes into your mind, you might tend to consider only the big celebrities who have massive social media followers. But that is not totally true. An influencer can be any person who has a substantial influence on followers on their social media channels.

Teaming up with an influencer can help a business to impactfully market its business offerings. As people are more likely to trust and engage with an influencer, they are likely to trust the brand that the influencer endorses. As such, the business is likely to see increasing sales.

If you work with SEO Experts, it will entail substantial benefits, such as broader reach, improved brand awareness, and quality backlinks to your website. As such, you will see higher traffic and rankings and ultimately better SEO. But, do not fall behind in choosing an influencer who is relevant and respected in your industry. Also, it would help if you made your goals and expectations clear with the influencer.

13. Artificial Intelligence: Personalizing User Experiences

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has made inroads in online search and hence the SEO arena too. Google uses A.I. to improve search results, and classify, and rank pages in search engine results. At the same time, A.I. incorporates all the new trends and technologies to derive the best search results. As such, integrate artificial intelligence into your SEO strategy.

Google’s venture into the A.I. started in 2010 when it incorporated the Caffeine update which was a new web indexing system. It improved the method in which Google crawled data and stored what it found. The update enabled Google to accelerate its crawl process, boost its index and return faster results. The search giant subsequently released A.I.based updates: Panda in 2011, Hummingbird in 2013, and RankBrain in 2015.

When it comes to the association of A.I. with search engines, you need to keep two fundamental facts in mind:

  • Content plays a big role
  • A prudent SEO strategy is a must

14. Page Experience – Core Metrics

It is no longer a secret that Google’s new page experience update will go live in 2021. As Google announced with a long lead time, it is reasonable to expect that it will be effective.

Google has already included user experience as a part of its algorithm, which bears features such as site security (https), page speed, intrusive interstitials, mobile-friendliness, and safe browsing.

The ranking factors included in the latest update are already a part of page speed insights. But the difference is that Google will further refine the factors and weight them separately with more importance.

The new ranking factors are called Core Web Vitals, and you can measure those in a new report under the Google search console. Those are:

# First Input Delay (FID)

The FID measure refers to someone who can first interact with the page. The page should have an FID of less than 100 ms for ensuring a good user experience.

 # Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

It would be best if you did not get confused with the first contentful paint. L.C.P. measures the loading performance of the most massive content on screen. Ideally, the measurement has to happen within 2.5 seconds to elicit a good user experience. So, you need to optimize your website for speed.

# Cumulative Layout Shift (C.L.S.)

It is a new factor for page experience. The C.L.S. measures the visual stability of elements on the screen. You need to make efforts to maintain a C.L.S. of less than .1 seconds for your website pages.

15. Search Engines: Multi-Platform Optimization

Google is not the lone search engine that you can find on the internet. There are others, such as DuckDuckGo, Bing, StartPage, Gibiru, Search Encrypt, and Ekoru. The main difference is that Google is the most prominent and popular search engine.

As you cannot expect die-hard fans to switch search engines, you should optimize your website for multiple search engines and search-enabled platforms.

16. Video Marketing

Videos have become popular marketing tools for businesses. People nowadays tend to watch a video rather than read to get information. A recent study by Google showed that six out of ten people prefer watching online videos rather than T.V.

You should therefore include video content on your website. And it would help if you made sure that the videos you include contain helpful, relevant, and timely content. Simultaneously, you also need to optimize your videos for search engines by adding relevant keywords to each video title and description to attract consumers.

17. Structured Data

Structured data enables Google to understand what the content on a page is about. The understanding can help your site to become a featured snippet that will attract more and more attention. It can be anything such as the top result at Position Zero, an entry in the Answers section, which could be a “Q&A menu”, or the Knowledge Panel on the upper right of a results page.

But getting a featured snippet is a huge challenge. It will help if you try to counter this challenge on your own. What you can do is, write high-quality content with valuable keywords and structure your data (using Schema). In this way, you can ensure that it will be a top-notch answer for a specific query.

 # How to Optimize for Featured Snippets?

To optimize your website for featured snippets, you need to work on the layout of your content. However, that does not imply that you need to change some elements of your writing style. You can just add some small details that will ease your work with users and Google. For example, you can begin your articles with the definitions of the terms you are going to use in the article or in your title. Google can consider such content as the most relevant short answers to users’ queries.

# Apply Schema Markup

Schema is an evolving concept that helps in defining the context of a query and simplifies page content. It enables search engines to easily understand what that page is about. Once you add schema to your website, it will create rich snippets in search. They are enhanced listings that are more attractive to a user.

Rich snippets give detailed information about your page content. They can include elements such as pricing information, review ratings, product availability, images, and videos.

Schema markup helps you to become noticeable in the SERPs, such as marked-up FAQ pages that have a greater chance to appear in the SERPs in the form of rich results.

18. Progressive Web Apps [P.W.A.]

There is no clear-cut description of how you can leverage Progressive Web Apps (P.W.A.) to improve your SEO, yet it has been observed that they can increase user engagements. In essence, P.W.A.s are app-like web pages that are driven by the browser. And users get the experience of using a standalone application. Some examples are, Starbucks, Airbnb, Yummly, and Twitter.

When it comes to user experiences, Google defines P.W.A.s as reliable, fast, and engaging because:

  • Loads quickly and runs well even in poor network environments
  • Responds instantly to user interactions with smooth animation
  • Bear the look and feel of an app

19. Interactive Experiences

The next trend that’s going to take over SEO is interactive experiences. Google loves it when a site makes it easy for its users. That’s why they’re going to reward those websites that interact with their users and make sure they have a good experience while browsing your site.

If you are looking at improving your SEO then start thinking about how you can do more than just having content on your website, but how you can create an interactive experience for your readers and customers. The easier it is for people to get around and use your site, the more Google will reward you for it!

20 Online Audience Optimization (OAO) Has Become Mainstream

“Online Audience Optimization (OAO) pairs both traditional user-friendly SEO techniques and high-quality content with branding, social media and engagement mechanics for optimizing targeted and loyal audiences”. Moreover, OAO involves developing and using smart content to target your audience via search engines, social networks, blogs, and articles. Thus, OAO is definitely a highly useful SEM trend that has quickly gained popularity in the last year or two and will continue to do so.

21. Increase in Demand & Competition For Local SEO Services and Google Search Listings

Demand for Local SEO will increase exponentially in the upcoming years, due to Google users searching more for local businesses. For instance, according to Google Places Facts and Stats, 20% of Google search queries are related to location and 56% of mobile phone users utilize their phones to search for local businesses. Another major driver of local SEO services and searches is the introduction of Google + Local and Google Carousel. Moreover, the rise of Google + Local will likely significantly drive up the cost of CTRs for local ads.

22. Greater Need For Authority Of Website Author And Social Media Profiles

In 2022  there is a greater need for increasing your website’s authority, which will not only lead to a better SERP ranking on Google and other main search engines, such as Bing but will also help increase your customer/fan base. Also, social media authority will continue to be absolutely crucial in 2022 for increasing brand awareness and reach since social media authority also significantly affects your website’s Google search rankings. However, you should also focus on creating authentic and credible content for your website and social media profiles to increase your reach.


If you’re running a business and you have not yet focused on search engine optimization, it is time to start! SEO can help your business find new customers, understand their needs, and even outrank your competitors. Some of these SEO trends might look intimidating now but if you practice them now they will be easy in just a few years.

Don’t waste any more time; if you aren’t at least paying attention to how businesses use online marketing strategies such as SEO Services, it could cost you more than just lost sales—it could impact your bottom line for years. Implement one or two of these trends for better results today and begin preparing yourself for future ones before they become a part of everyone’s digital toolkit.

By Team TIS
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